Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

    I really am not a math person.  No, words are my thing. So, I find it somewhat peculiar that lately, as I pray for "my" church, I find myself asking God to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Add what?  I'm not sure.  People? Plans? Ministries?  As for subtraction, I'm thinking dead works, division, strife, and contention.  Perhaps in the area of multiplication is reach, finances, effect. And what about divide?  This is probably the most mystical.  Age groups?  Boys from girls?  Labor?  I'm not sure. God knows.  As long as He impresses this on my heart, it will be my prayer.  He may reveal more and more specifics.  He may not.  It is not my concern.  I love revelation knowledge, but I can't "force" it. My job is to just respond to His promptings.
   How is God directing your prayers these days?


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