Audience of One

   Unnoticed. Unappreciated. Unwanted.  Feelings mount.  Tears roll.  Sadness reigns.
   We spend our lives "performing" for others.  It shows up in different ways:  ever friendly, "dressed to the nines", fast cars, picture perfect homes, titles and positions, talents, and entertaining.  It happens in our neighborhoods, places of employment, and even in our churches. When we actually succeed in garnering the attention, the praise, or the trophy, it is all short lived.  And then we have to start all over again.
   What is the answer?  The answer is that we are looking to  the wrong audience. Friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances are fickle; so are marriage partners, sadly.  We weren't made for this, and therein lies the problem.
   We were made to look up; to enter in an everlasting covenant relationship with the One who knows us intimately, loves us unconditionally, and never fails us.  An audience of one, that's all it takes to be made whole.  Bask in His love today.


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