Breeding Ground for Homeschooling Discontentment

  For over twenty years, now, the highlight of my year falls in May, and it happens right in my "own backyard" at the CHAP homeschool convention.  This convention is one of the largest in the country and features a broad range of speakers and curriculum. Through the convention, I've been introduced to teaching styles, philosophies, and resources galore.  Since I first started going, I haven't missed a beat.
  So, what is not to love, right?  Ever heard the expression, "What goes up, must come down"? My down often came on the Sunday morning following my Friday and Saturday sessions.  Here I was, totally immersed in Christian homeschooling, to be followed by a church service with loads of people not on the same page. In fact, initially, there was only one other homeschooling family in the church.  And as far as I know, they didn't attend.
  I wish this "down" were confined only to my church, but it wasn't.  At home, I didn't have the "wonderful homeschool husband" I saw portrayed by the many male speakers.  Never mind the fact that my husband put in a minimum of 45 hours of work a week, followed by evenings of repairing our vehicles, working in the garden, or taking our kids to various sports practices.  I was the one "homeschooling", for goodness sake!
  It doesn't end there, either.  This feeling of discontentment was all pervasive.  When I heard about homeschooling excellence, my mind said perfection, and I knew that certainly wasn't happening.  But that was last year's curriculum, and I was always super excited about the year to come.  I always knew that this one would be different.  The kids would love their new materials.  We would all work like crazy, this  year.  It was going to be homeschool at its finest! Of course, shortly into the new year, the complaints would start, and so would the goading, and we'd have a repeat of the year before. But that wouldn't stop me from experiencing the very same thing the following year.
   I won't be going to the convention this year.  Much to my dismay, I realized I have almost all of the materials I need.  To make the 45 minute trip, pay to park, plus the cost of the convention, for one or two resources, just wouldn't be a wise economical decision. In fact, unless I start going with my adult children who intend to homeschool, last year may have been my final hurrah!
   Am I advocating abstaining from homeschool conventions?  Absolutely not!  What I am advocating is a reality check.  There is no perfect school, homeschool or otherwise, no perfect curriculum, no perfect family, and no perfect church.  Don't let anyone or anything mislead you on that score, not even the greatest homeschool convention on the East Coast!


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