Don't Let Fear Stop You!

     If you're an independent person, the thought of flying to another country alone, may seem like no big deal, especially if you are a frequent flyer.  But, if you are like me, a person who has never made so much as a long car trip alone, the thought is downright terrifying.  This was my dilemma last month.
      My daughter, Rachel, was making a trip to Italy on her terminal leave from the Air Force.  She could hop a flight for a mere $16, and so she offered to pay for me to go.  I had been to Paris during high school, and it was a highlight in my life.  It has been my dream ever since then to return to Europe.
    Of course, Rachel couldn't fly with me.  She had to fly on a plane that was taking military personnel, only. Initially, when she asked me, I immediately said, "Yes".  But once I realized I'd be traveling alone, I hesitated.  She assured me that my husband would take me to the gate, and after arrival, all I would have to do was find the exit. It sounded fail proof, at first.
    As things progressed, plans were changed a little.  Instead of her meeting me, I would have to exchange money and catch a shuttle bus.  At one point, I thought I was going to have a layover in Paris!  Part of me, a very big part, wanted to say, "Never mind."  Sometimes, I hoped the whole thing would somehow just not work.  Occassionally, I wanted to tell her to go without me.  I didn't.
    I never told her about the sleepless nights, or my desire to "chicken out".  The reason I went, is this:  The Bible says God gives us the desires of our hearts.  Now, I've heard that explained differently than it appears to me.  It's been said, that as you follow Him, he puts His desires in your heart.  Either way, I wanted to go, and I was not going to allow Satan to steal this gift from me because of fear.  This was very much a step of faith.  God was going to show himself faithful (as He always does).  I stood firm.
   There were definitely some fearful moments. For example, the shuttle bus I was supposed to take from the airport never arrived.  Then, after contacting Rachel, she had a flat tire on her way to get me.  I waited and waited, not knowing why she wasn't arriving.  I felt abandoned at the airport, not once, but twice, that day!
Fortunately for me, I dealt, finally, with my fear of abandonment before I ever left home.  I can't imagine the terror that would have ensued, had I not.
   You may not see the connection, but since I've been home, I've been involved in a ministry outside of my comfort zone - way outside!  Faith is faith, whether it is going to a foreign country or to a dark and hurting world right in your own town.  Sometimes, God has good gifts for us, but due to fear, we don't receive them.     I can't help but believe, for instance, that some of you are afraid to have more than one or two children because they are just too expensive.  What a shame if you would miss out on such a wonderful blessing because you just can't trust God to provide.
   I know of families who procrastinated for years before they started homeschooling, simply because they were afraid.  Once they did start, they continued on, probably regretting that they hadn't made the step earlier.
   The possibilities for fear are as endless and as varied as the people reading this post.  I don't know what God wants to give you or do through you, but I encourage you, "Don't miss the boat."  Some things only come around once!


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