A Tribute to My Parents

                               In Honor of Your Wedding Anniversary

  I have always been very proud of such a resourceful, creative, and inventive father. Growing up, you did not have the advantages of some, but you have never used that as a crutch or excuse.  Instead, yo have worked hard, and did the best you could.  you may not be well educated, but nobody can say you are stupid!
  You have always been there for me - waiting at the bus stop after school, making our supper, giving me a job, taking in Joshua.
  I have many pleasant memories of growing up.  Some are visits to Mammy's, shopping in the five and ten cent store while you got a haricut, trick-or treating, roller skating, and trying to beat Mom and Lynn home from somewhere.
  I remember going to the grocery store every week at Erdley's, getting Cracker Jacks for the prize, even though I hated the stuff.
  I remember Saturday night baths, drying off by the fireplace, ice cream and Walt Disney on Sundays.  Oh, and let's not forget Sea Hunt and Davey and Goliath after church.
  I've inherited your love for chocolate-covered cherries, and bon-bons, and I'll never forget the Christmas gifts I bought you - slippers and pipe tobacco.
  It was a special honor to have your business named after Lynn and me, and to be able to work for you, though we had our moments at times.
  Perhaps the most important gift you gave me was the gift of acceptance.  I never had to do or be anything but your daughter.  I have always known that you love me because of that.

  In contrast to Dad's more simple way of life, you have always been one to do things in style.  Take, for instance, our beds, complete with canopy and ballet bars.  I don't have to guess who had the idea of putting us to bed in them so that we would wake up in the morning with canopies over our heads.  (Then again, maybe it just took that long to put them together.)
  It was you who gave us the vision for a beautiful wedding, for which I am grateful, since it is a once in a lifetime event.  It was you who gave us the opportunity to find our gifts and talents and interests through every activity imaginable-all of that in addition to working a full time job!
  A store-bought Halloween costume would never do for your girls.  How about the "complete" Easter outfit?And whoever heard of buying the babysitter a season's pass to the swimming pool so your kids could go swimming all summer?
   You thought of it all, like God, "Thy thoughts which are to usward:  they cannot be reckoned in order unto thee:  if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered."
   One of my fondest memories is when you and Lynn and I sang rounds in the car.  And I'm so grateful for the way you handled the flute situation.   We sure have a musical heritage.
  I will never forget all the times I beat you at Scrabble (ha!) or Pitt and Uno with Grammy and Poppy Good.  You have always been there to babysit, mend things, buy things, whatever, for the kids and me.  Whenever you are out of town for a few days I realize how much I take you for granted.
  I clearly remember the way you peeled our chestnuts.  I haven't been able to figure out how you got any yourself!  But guess what, I've bought them more than once, thinking I really like them, but they've just never been the same since I have to peel them myself!
  Without a doubt, the most important contribution you have made to my life has been to pray for my salvation.  What a priceless gift.
                                                                  I Love You Both Very Much,

Perhaps you have heard of the book The Tribute and the Promise:  How Honoring Your Parents Will Bring a Blessing to Your Life by Dennis Rainey.  It's been a good number of years ago that I read this book and wrote this tribute.  I would suggest you go and do likewise.


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