Liz's Graduation Poem

She's daddy's little girl, seated on his lap.
Sucking on her binky, she's ready for her nap.

At 2 1/2, wearing sandals with heels,
cause that's what she wants, and it doesn't matter how Momma feels.

Now she's dressed in camo, cute as can be,
tagging along with Ben, her idol, don't you see?

Her big sister's wedding, and she's allowed to wear long gloves,
but Momma's not allowed to wear a little hat, no matter what she loves.

Liz is awesome at soccer and volleyball, too,
cause if you're not athletic, well, that's a great big boo!

Now it's showing dairy beef at the Beaver fair,
but since the steer's also her baby, that's a little hard to bear.

At 13, she's an aunt of the very best kind,
cause she sure loves her nephews, and better gifts are hard to find.

It's a week every summer with her big sis,
because time at the beach is something she doesn't want to miss.

Let's not allow Mom to decorate, cause Liz knows best,
and besides that, she's the fashion consultant, topping all the rest.

Long haired, long legged, coutnry girl, too,
and to that, her cow, Precious, adds a great big moo!

On Pony and Donkey, she likes to ride.
Her love for animals, she doesn't try to hide.

She and Becky are the "twins" at Van Wert Country Store.
Good thing their other sisters don't work there, or that would make four!

Now it's hard to believe she's graduatin.
But don't you know, that's the reason that we're celebratin?

Don't expect from her a tear,
cause school isn't a thing she really holds dear.

It's the rest of her life,
and Jared thinks she'll make a good wife.

So, yay for the past, and yay for what's ahead.
We praise and thank our Lord, for how He has led.


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