Look Who Jesus Loves

    If there were a report card on Christian disciplines, I wouldn't get a very good grade in fasting.  What's to like about it?  After all, it's not called afflicting yourself for nothing, and I try to avoid afflictions at all costs.  I certainly don't like to bring them upon myself. But, after resisting God's suggestion for a very long time, I
finally managed to actually fast for a day.
   There is a specific relationship issue uppermost in my mind for which there has been no breakthrough for a very long time.  Circumstances caused me to broach the issue, and that was a mistake.  It ended in a huge conflict.
   Later, as I stood in front of my microwave, I thought, "Well that was productive."  I was feeling very much like it had been a total waste of my time, and I had totally blown things, again.  But then I noticed something that's been there long enough for me to stop noticing.  It was a removeable plastic sticker.  It says, "Look Who Jesus Loves" right in the middle of a heart.  At that point, I knew that, "Well that was productive" was coming from the enemy of my soul.  Not only that, but I knew, not only was I not under condemnation, but that I was loved.  And that, my friend, is what fasting is all about, God speaking to us.


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