Conflict Resolution

  Today I employed a means of conflict resolution that I haven't had to use for awhile.  The kids hate it, because they love to pull parents into their fray, but this alleviates that problem.  They had borrowed a tv series from friends.  They've seen it several times before, but were not on the same episode, so they started to fight over the tv.  I could have tried to figure out the "fair" solution.  That's always a no win situation.  Instead, I told them they either agree, or no one watches.  They continued to fight and I said, "Ok, that's it! Turn it off."  One stumped off to the bedroom, crying.  The other found something else to do.  Approximately a half hour later, I heard the tv.  They were both peacefully watching.  Neither was upset anymore, and I wasn't accused of favoritism.


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