Light at the End of the Tunnel

   Depression.  It is a stranger to me.  Anxiety?  That is a different story. 
   On Saturday, I had a slight headache.  But then I realized the headache was not the only problem.  I was depressed.  I wanted to do what any depressed person wants to do - retreat and do nothing.  I wondered what the source could be. 
   I chose to do what I wanted to do the least, can some beets.  I had procrastinated long enough.  As I pushed through, the depression started to lift.
   Every day we are faced with the decision to listen to the flesh, or rise above it.  I wish I had more success stories, but I often make the wrong choice.
   Taking the "high road" is never easy, but when I do, it not only brings a smile to my face, but I think God is smiling with me.


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