Decisions, Decisions

  A young lady that I know, finds herself in the position I found myself in over thirty years ago - pregnant and single.
  For me, there were two options, marry or not.  Abortion was definitely off the table, and I never gave adoption a thought, though I would have had to, had my parents not volunteered their support.
  The father, though he would have married me, definitely did not want to.  A number of factors came into play, not the least of which was, I decided that no man would ever say he "had" to marry me.  (There's that strong will again.)
  Given the situation, did I make the best decision?  Absolutely!  My son's father has been married and divorced three times.  At 53, he lives with his mother, having lost everything, including a business, due to alcoholism.
  Has the situation been without consequences?  Not on your life!  And no matter which decision she makes, there will be a price tag as well.
  Having already made the wrong decisions that have gotten her to this point, I can only pray that she will now make the best decision possible for her and the baby's futures.


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