Holier Than Thou

  For years, I had a homeschool friend.  Some of her children were my childrens' ages and we had some learning times together.  Although she didn't live far from me, we never went to the same church, but my kids did go to her house for 5 Day Bible Club.  Some of the materials seemed a little performance based, but not terribly so, and the kids enjoyed the club.
  At one point, her husband had to make a job move, and so they ended up in another state.  They invited us for a visit.  The meals and accomodations were great.  She could have her own bed and breakfast, and do it effortlessly.  But we also visited their church.  The theme, both there and in her home, seemed to be "easy believism".   The term was new to me.
  Though we spent only a few days, I was ready to go at the appointed time.  They were into, for one, the whole "women must wear dresses" routine.  (Been there, done that.)  But really, that was just the tip of the iceberg.
  After we returned to PA, I saw her one time while she was visiting family.  She tried to avoid me.  I contacted her and asked her how I had offended her, but she said I hadn't.  Obviously, I just wasn't "righteous" enough to be her friend anymore.
  I've seen legalism produce bondage, self righteousness, or rebellion.  It's never produced life, because it simply can't.


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