Grandparents vs. Parents

  I am a new grandmother - 5 months to be exact.  My grandson, Matthan, is a blessed child.  My daughter is a wonderful mother.  This comes as no surpise, as she was a very motherly big sister.
  I am presently reading A Song For Your Honor.  It is about a widow who flees the country with her six children to escape the influence of her in-laws.   I must admit that her behavior seems a bit extreme, and I don't condone it, but, so far, it seems that God is on her side.
  Reading it, got me to thinking about more than one couple I know who don't allow contact with either set of grandparents.   One set?  Maybe.  Both sets?  Suspect.
  Having said that, it seems that some parents forget that they had their opportunity to raise children and now it is time to let their children raise their grandchildren.
  Oftentimes, where the problem comes in, is when either the grandparents or the parents are more liberal/conservative than the others, and especially when grandparents overstep their boundaries by encouraging behavior behind the parents' backs, knowing full well the parents would not approve.  This is blatantly wrong!
  There is no doubt in my mind that at some point, my daughter, or one of my other children, will make some decisions for my grandchildren that will run counter to how I would have handled things.  At that moment I pray God will give me the grace to remember that if God wanted me to raise those children, He would have given them to me.


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