The ABCs of Homeschooling - Letter K

Kaleiodoscopes, Science Experiments, and Curriculum Fails

  Tonight, I am putting together a kaleiodoscope.  It is made with a paper towel roll, translucent beads, clear plastic, cardboard, and foil.  I've been assembling it because tomorrow is my weekly jaunt down to my son and daughter-in-law's home to spend some learning time with their kids and I wanted to know what I am doing, first. I wouldn't give a dime for it.  Ok, so I'll still make one with them, but basically, I'm not too impressed.
  May I say, that this demonstrates, beautifully, that homeschool is far from a perfect venture.  Science experiments are notorious for failing.  In fact, I'm sure I had more experiments that failed than those that worked, which is probably why I wanted to avoid them like the plague!
  Curriculum is not without its flaws, either. You know, I know there are homeschoolers out there who use a particular brand of curriculum for every child, every year.  I can't even wrap my head around that!  I've had so many things that worked for one and not another. Sometimes, because I've bought something, I've felt the determination to use it.  Often, that ended before the school year was over.  We would supplement, modify, or totally set the materials aside.
  So, maybe I'm an oddball, but I doubt it.  I mean, how could I be?  I've been homeschooling for almost 30 years with seven different kids. Why am I telling you this?  Because if I didn't, there would surely be those of you who would come along and have experiment, craft, or curriculum fails consistently enough that you would throw up your hands and give up! But wait, don't.  There are at least two of us in the world and I've had five successful homeschool graduates.
  Realize, that it is all part of the package; as are kids with learning disabilities, big time distractions, emergencies, poor attitudes (sometimes the kids, sometimes us) and so much more.  The amazing thing is, in spite of these failures and foibles, it works.  It really works.


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