The ABCs of Homeschooling - Letter L

  Today's post is going to be about learning.  "Duh, it's a post about homeschooling."  But, not so fast.  It's not going to be about what my children have learned or are learning. It's going to be about what I have learned during my homeschool venture of almost thirty years.

. Education is not as cut and dried as I had thought when I was the student.

. Every child has strengths and weaknesses.

. Success in school is not necessarily an indication of success in life, or vice

. Textbooks are dry (my opinion).  Living books are interesting.

. Some kids prefer textbooks.

. While some of your children will appreciate your efforts, others will think
   you did them a disservice.

. The more you can incorporate life into school and school into life, the better.

. There are going to be naysayers.  Don't let it get to you.

. When God gives your child an interest, talent, or skill, it is your responsibility
   to develop that gift to the best of your ability without sacrificing everything else.

.  Just because your husband isn't teaching a class, doesn't mean he is not doing his

.  Grandparents can be wonderful resources for hearing your child recite memory
   verses, getting opinions for surveys, and occassionally even teaching a skill
   that you don't have yourself.

.  You don't have to follow your local school schedule.

.  The goal is to teach your child to be independent.

.  In some cases, you may need outside help because of disabilities.

.  By its very nature, public schools waste an awful lot of time.  If you homeschool,
   your child can add both a job and other interests, like sports and music, and still
   have enough time to complete schoolwork.

.   Ultimately, your marriage is more important than homeschooling.  Don't ignore



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