The ABCs of Homeschooling - Letter M

   M is for Music

  One Sunday, in church, someone asked me an interesting question. "Why are all homeschoolers involved  in music?"  It took me off guard because I don't know that all homeschoolers are involved in music.  But yes, at least in our church, many are. In fact, many are heavily involved in music.
  Whether we had homeschooled or not, I'm sure our children would have been involved in music.  It's the way I grew up, and to a much lesser degree, the way my husband grew up, as well.
  If you are homeschooling, or thinking about it, and you can't sing a lick, have never picked up an instrument, and/or have no idea how to read music, don't panic. There are a couple of things to consider.  First, is it a requirement?  In Pennsylvania, it is.
  Secondly, would you like your child to be able to sing or play an instrument, or are you content just to fulfill the requirements?  How about them? What is their desire?
  Thirdly, the cost needs to be considered.  Instruments and music lessons are expensive, but some of us consider it to be a priority.
  Here is an interesting fact: Studies show that music education prepares students  to learn, facilitates student academic achievement, and develops the creative capacities for lifelong success. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
  Still not convinced?  Well, then, a music education course could include music appreciation, studying the various instruments, attending concerts, making simple instruments, learning about composers, and the role of music in history.
  Becoming part of a choir, if you church offers it, is a free way to learn and be involved.  If you're really lucky, they might offer a bell choir, as well.
  Voice lessons, while still somewhat costly, are cheaper than playing an instrument, for obvious reasons.  And of course, if you do happen to have a piano, or any other instrument just lying around, there's always youtube to inspire and instruct, without cost or obligation.
   You may not end up with a virtuoso, but whatever you do, music is a worthwhile addition to any homeschool program.  I hope you will find it to be such.


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