The ABCs of Homeschooling - Letter N

N is for No.

  I may be a bit strange, but I love the word no. It is so freeing. It may be different at your house, because I don't know your particular circumstances,but, at my house, no was an important part of homeschooling. Following are some examples:

. No to working outside of the home (for me, not my husband).

. No to too many sports; which is not to say that sports were not huge at our house.

. No to a co-op at our church.  We're not from that county!

. No to leaving our property without telling me (safety issue).

. No to hobbies of my own.  (Except reading.  That doesn't count, because it is like

. No to virtually anything that costs money and is not absolutely necessary.  Refer
  back to first bullet point.

. No to going outside in your shorts before it is at least 70 degrees outside.
  (Child protective services might be watching, you know.)

. No to staying home from church on a Sunday morning.  Don't even ask!

. No to boys who pick on sisters. No, no, no!  I don't want to hear your excuses!

. No to the Easter bunny, Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy.  Parents don't lie to their

. No to jumping on the bed. (Someone is going to get hurt!)

. No to staying out past 11 on a Cinderella license.  Only the baby had the nerve to
  try that one!

. No to selling stuff to our neighbors, friends, and relatives for sports, 4H, or what
  ever.  Just tell us how much we have to pay upfront.  (Actually cheaper than
  having to "owe" everyone who bought from you.)

.  No to dating a Catholic.  (Ditto for unbelievers.)

. No to fighting in the car. "Do I need to pull over?"  (Tom)

. No to using dad's tools and misplacing them.  Boy does that make him irate!

. No to coddling.  Are you kidding me?

. No to children who hit, pinch, or kick their parents. Not happening on my watch.

. No to trampolines or swimming pools.  Too dangerous.  Wish I had a dime for
  everytime I said no to those.

. No to school at home.  We homeshool.  See the difference?


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