Money Failed

  Money talks, but not everyone listens.  My dad liked money; no question about it.  My mom said that when he was growing up, he used to wash and iron his money.  When he owned his own business, money was often the subject of his conversations.  Even later, he often talked about the cost of things in the "good old days".
  A wealthy couple used to go to our small church.  They had a home in Florida for the winter and one in Pennsylvania for the rest of the year. While their daughter was a passionate believer in our church, I never saw the same convictions in them.  I'm sure they thought their money talked volumes in the church, and maybe it did.  It is hard to say, because at church, sometimes it is difficult to know the motivatation for kindness.
   Many people in our church traveled to go to the Bill Gothard seminar.  While the seats weren't the most comfortable, they weren't terrible, either.  One year, our family went, as did the wealthy family.  The husband decided, for whatever reason, that my dad's seat was preferable to his. And so, he offered to "buy" the seat.  I heard it all and held my breath, wondering what my dad would do.  I venture to guess that virtually anyone else in my church would have surrendered their seat.  I doubt that they would have taken any money, though.  My dad refused! I was so proud of him.  Maybe I shouldn't have been.  Maybe the right thing would have been to just accomodate the rich man.
    My dad liked money, but he had self respect, too.Hurray for my dad.  He showed the rich people that not everyone can be bought.  What a shock that must have been to someone who was used to people "bowing down" to him because of his money.
   You know, it's funny, though. I could see my dad playing the part of the rich man, had he had the opportunity.  Hopefully, there would have been someone like him to say no.


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